About Ergsy

Learning is empowering

Ergsy.com provides a free teach yourself resource, to be view as often as wished. Graham and Neil constantly resource appropriate links, ensuring that the resource is always up to date so that viewers can access the latest information free of charge whenever they wish. We all do it, we search the web when we need help and information, but when we are anxious it is easy to be distracted from the best information, or not find it at all, the Ergsy.com team, filters the best and most trusted links for such times. Ergsy.com is funded by sponsors who support our goals, to provide links to the very best resources. 

To understand our non-commercial principles, please refer to education in this link https://www.gov.uk/guidance/exceptions-to-copyright providing the links for learning is solely to illustrate a point and in no way intended to undermine the authors intentions. Every element of ownership of each video is displayed exactly as the author created and intended.