About Ergsy

Learning is empowering

Ergsy is a FREE self-help resources, to support independent living and wellbeing, provided by a unique, FULLY CURATED, PEER REVIEWED DATA RESOURCE' which can also positively impact the £11 billion annual spend by the NHS on stress.

Ergsy is Peer reviewed by Ergsy staff for factual accuracy, before making it publicly available as a self-help teaching resource, (all the regularly used search engines are NOT fact-checked before publication),

Ergsy, free forever, forever free, please feel free to use our recommended content and share this resource in these difficult times.

This is why we provide Ergsy: -

40 percent of GP appointments are about mental health. Ergsy informs the public by pointing everyone to free, accurate, self-help videos and paired reference documents.

Stress is costing the UK economy £118bn, and costing employers £45bn or £1,300 for every employee in the UK economy or expressed another way for every £1 spent on supporting staff employers can recoup £5.