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Learning is empowering and free for everyone to use, using Ergsy is free forever, forever free!

Because Ergsy is an online library and information service it is available 24/7, visit any video as often as you like, share it with others and access it in many different languages. Don't struggle with a lack of understanding when significant life events occur and suffer stress and anxiety, use Ergsy, it links you to the best information on hundreds of vital subjects.

Improving health literacy will reduce dependency and increase independence, which in turn will improve wellbeing and can cut the operating cost of health care in the UK, a 1% improvement will save £1 billion/year.

All our content is sourced from UK providers to ensure that it is UK relevant, but it can be viewed with sub-titles in over 80 different languages.

We are keen to continue adding videos that meet your need under the topic headings, so please use the Contact Us tab suggest new subjects and if we can source videos that meet our standards, we will do that. however we will continue to ignore the occasional inappropriate requests.

Ergsy stands for Everyone Regularly Gets Stressed...........Yes