About Us

Ergsy acts as a web portal to help direct users to content that has been approved by or produced by professionals in the field covered in each video.

We aim to provide users the opportunity to easily reach videos that are helpful to the over 60s.

In recognition of this, should producers of videos that are used wish for them to be removed, please email info@ergsy.com 

Alongside the videos are buttons that you can use to connect directly to a professional if you wish.

There is no charge to use the“Click to Connect” facility to get more help, but you will need to register with us so that we can connect you to a professional in your area.  

If you decide to make an appointment with a professional, they may charge you for their services and any charge they make will be entirely at your own expense.

If we have linked to one of your videos, it is because we consider it to be of exceptionally high standard and want our audience to take time to engage with your content.

Ergsy is on a journey to inform our generation, all the best from Graham, Neil and Stewart!