A powerful staff wellbeing solution for under a £1/week

Now is the perfect time to show your support for your employees by putting their health and wellbeing first.

When you sign up, you will create a username and password which you give to all your staff. We provide all our information in video format as people find this easier to assimilate than print. When seeking advice on the topics we cover, all our videos are free to view as often as anyone wishes, 24/7.

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Below are some examples from our library:

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Video 1: Stroke - How To Spot The Signs

Video 2: Questions To Ask When choosing a Care Facility

Video 3: Sepsis

Video 4: What To Do When Someone Dies

Video 5: Lasting Power of Attorney

Video 6: Choosing a Good Care Home

Video 7: Debt Management

Video 8: Why You Should Have The Flu Jab

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The full library provides over 200 fully accredited videos on the following topics:

  • Information on Health & Education
  • Guidance on matters of personal & family law
  • Heads up on many aspects of finance
  • Detailed facts on matters of Welfare & Care 

For less than £1 per week, show your staff you really value them!

To provide this resource to your staff, please click here.