Ergsy your self-help educational resources in times of stress is an educational resource created to support people’s self-learning on subjects that have serious implications to their life. To provide this free learning we provide viewers with hyperlinks to appropriate information that can enhance their knowledge, this is a completely free service, we make no income from passing on these links, they are free to access as often as anyone wishes and we take no credit for their content, our service is to identify links to high quality freely available information already on the Internet. We give full credit to all the producers of all the links to and recognise that the content they provide is of very high quality and integrity and of a standard and will help people gain confidence and dispel their anxiety.

Separate to pointing to helpful links, allows commercial companies to provide their own synopses on the subjects covered by some of the links and again these are available free of charge, to read and download as often as wished. These two resources enable people to learn clarity and confidence when faced with anxiety caused by life issues. Join Ergsy’s community use our resources to learn how to reduce stress and anxiety, teach yourself a better wellbeing.          ERGSY stands for     Educate, Reassure, Growth, Strengthen………………….Yourself