The Self-Help Video Library for Health, Legal, Money, Welfare & Care

Ergsy is developing the world's largest, free, online library of self-help videos for the over 60s which quickly directs users to helpful information on a range of subjects.

We currently have over 200 videos, but aspire to more than 500 with your help.

We are syndicated with the NHS to ensure the medical accuracy of health videos, whilst all others have been pre-vetted by a professional in the respective field.

To help us, please click here and suggest subjects we should cover. If you'd like to leave your number, one of our team will be pleased to call you to learn how we can further develop Ergsy.

What people are saying about us... 

Helen Whatley MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Mental Health and Co-Chair of the APPG for Health: 

"Thanks for letting me know about Ergsy, it looks like an interesting initiative.

Thank you also for your correspondence to the Prime Minister about self-help videos for the over 60s. I was interested to read about the videos you have developed. You may wish to contact NHS England about these resources. NHS England should be able to offer advice on how you can reach a wider audience."