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Redundancy Coaching Couch 3: States

This page is about 'Redundancy Coaching Couch 3: States'
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The importance of a positive mental attitude (PMA)

It is not unusual for people faced with redundancy to feel down in the dumps, sad, worried, or rejected.

Developing and maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude is hugely important when it comes to pushing through any tough situation, and your overall well-being and success. Firstly, cultivating self-awareness is key. Reflect on thoughts and identify negative patterns to replace them with constructive ones. Acknowledging positive aspects of life enhances optimism. Focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems, fostering a proactive mindset.

Stay Positive and reject the negatives

Surrounding oneself with positive influences is vital. Associating with supportive individuals who inspire and encourage creates an uplifting environment. Engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation contributes to a positive mental state. Regular exercise has proven benefits, releasing endorphins that elevate mood and reduce stress.

Set yourself goals

Setting realistic goals provides a sense of accomplishment. Break larger objectives into smaller, achievable steps, celebrating successes along the way. Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth fosters resilience. Learning from setbacks instead of dwelling on failures promotes a forward-looking perspective.

Do what works for you

Mindfulness and meditation are powerful tools for cultivating a positive mental attitude. These practices encourage living in the present moment, reducing anxiety about the future or regret about the past. Finally, fostering a sense of humor and finding joy in everyday moments adds lightness to life. In sum, creating a positive mental attitude involves intentional actions, mindfulness, supportive relationships, and a focus on personal growth. 

Choose techniques that work for you, and do not be afraid to ask for help along the way.  See the links section below for organisations that may be able to help you.

Redundancy Coaching Couch 3: States

Understanding Redundancy

Redundancy can be a challenging and emotional experience for individuals. In the United Kingdom, redundancy occurs when an employer needs to reduce their workforce, often due to economic pressures, technological advancements, or operational changes. This situation can lead to a range of emotional states that require effective management and support.

The Emotional States of Redundancy

Shock and Denial

The initial news of redundancy often triggers shock and denial. Employees may find it hard to believe that they are being made redundant, especially if they have long-term service or had positive performance reviews. This stage is characterized by disbelief and a feeling of numbness.

Anger and Frustration

Following the initial shock, individuals may experience anger and frustration. These emotions are a natural response to feeling undervalued and powerless. It's common for individuals to direct their anger towards their employer, colleagues, or even themselves.

Bargaining and Searching for Alternatives

In an attempt to make sense of the situation, employees may enter a bargaining phase. They might search for ways to avoid redundancy, such as proposing alternative solutions to their employer, seeking internal transfers, or even accepting lower positions.

Depression and Acceptance

As the reality of redundancy sets in, it can lead to feelings of sadness and depression. Employees might struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety about their future, and financial concerns. Acceptance is the final stage where individuals come to terms with the redundancy, enabling them to move forward and consider new opportunities.

The Role of Redundancy Coaching

Providing Emotional Support

Redundancy coaches are skilled in offering emotional support to individuals facing redundancy. They help clients navigate through the various emotional states, providing a safe space to express their feelings and concerns.

Career Transition Assistance

A significant aspect of redundancy coaching is helping individuals transition to new career opportunities. Coaches assist in identifying transferable skills, updating CVs, preparing for interviews, and exploring job search strategies tailored to the UK job market.

Building Resilience and Confidence

Redundancy coaching focuses on building resilience and confidence. Through targeted strategies, such as goal setting, personal branding, and skill development, coaches empower individuals to approach the job market with a positive mindset.


Redundancy in the United Kingdom can trigger a range of emotional states that need careful handling. Redundancy coaching offers crucial support through emotional guidance, career transition assistance, and confidence-building strategies. By addressing these areas, coaches help individuals emerge stronger and more prepared for their next career chapter.
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